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the only ship i ship isnt even an actual ship………………..smh

Anonymous asked: how do you keep yours wigs so neat. do you have like a stand for them or something??

FUNNY STORY i don’t actually own any wig heads or anything. i literally have like 30 wigs but not a single stand for any of them. i just take really good care of them and brush them (and braid them loosely if they’re long) when i’m done using them.


strategically placed hand

fall-out-booby asked: Trip I love you no human being should be able to cosplay Marceline as well as you can you are not human you must be a vampire that's the only plausible explanation

sshhhhhhHHHHH dude you can’t just out me to the whole internet??? wtf everyone’s gonna figure out why i look eternally 16

Anonymous asked: well your makeup must be rad as hell then cause your skin is literally flawless omfg

i don’t even own much makeup and none of it is very good quality tbh… i just have narurally good skin and know how to use lighting to my advantage




one time in an interview Zac Efron said that he loved death note and idk if he was just saying that bc the interviewer mentioned it or what but the point is Zac Efron may be a closet weeb

also this



does this look like a coincidence to  you?

Anonymous asked: why do you always edit your face so much, dear? i looked at your no edit/filter/everything selfies and your skin is glorious and you're v v v attractive without photoshop,okay?? <33333

i don’t edit my face usually???? i edited my skin grey on the marceline pic for cosplay but in general i don’t really edit much other than colours on my pics. like, i add contrast and brighten the colours but i don’t do much else!

Anonymous asked: you should cosplay a vocaloid or more tokyo ghoul :3

i’m planning on doing more tokyo ghoul! as for vocaloids, i’ve always wanted to! what if i cosplayed len kagamine………..

hi i'm oliver but you can call me trip
i'm a boy and i'm like 3 years old

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