I just love crossovers :3c


Anonymous asked: Do all these anons who are apparently in love with you creep you out at all?

not really, i kinda understand where they’re coming from? i used to get infatuated over actors or cosplayers too. it goes away eventually, but there’s not much you can do while it lasts. the heart wants what the heart wants, even if it’s unrealistic and silly.

Anonymous asked: Yeah you're too cute. I'm exciting to see you at Sakura con! May I hug you?

of course! everyone’s welcome to hugs, just make sure you ask first.

Anonymous asked: !! Hi there! I've been following you for a while and oh my gosh you are the best. Literally the best. Your so sweet and nice and your cosplays are great jeez they make me want to cosplay, and like. work really hard at it? I was kind of fading away from the fandom but whenever I see you on my dash it makes me remember how awesome Homestuck is. Anyway yeah, you are very cool and i love you!<3

thank you so much! i’m really happy you want to get into cosplay, it’s so much fun! i’m really sad that homestuck is nearing it’s end, especially because i just got into it, but there are so many talented cosplayers who keep it alive and i know exactly what you mean! <3

Anonymous asked: How to deal with infatuation with you?

i’ve had to deal with infatuation too, it’s not fun. but you have to remember that i’m just a normal person like everyone else, i’m not as amazing or perfect as you might think i am. there’s someone out there who you’re going to connect with and love, but chances are it’s not me! don’t waste too much time on me, i’m not worth it.

gatarifficgata replied to your post: dream cosplay: cool guy

Mission success, captain. You are the coolest guy i know

dream cosplay: cool guy

Anonymous asked: I didn't know you were going to Sakura but now I'm REALLY excited because I might get to see you there!

yeah!!! i’m just finishing up my cosplays right now! i’m gonna post a line up soon too, so it’ll be easier to recognize me at the con. but if you see me, feel free to come say hi!

Anonymous asked: What would it take for a guy like me to date a guy like you?

well, first off i’d have to be single… which i’m currently not. but other than that i’d date someone who i connect with. of course i’d have to be attracted to them too, but it’s more important that it’s someone who i can talk to and joke with. just like we’re friends, but with kissing and gross romantic stuff haha.

Anonymous asked: Yo, uh I just wanted to say that your facial shape is really nice (kinda a weird compliment but hey) like, it's really pretty versatile and stuff. I mean, you can cosplay very masculine characters with minimal shading and also you can cosplay very delicate and feminine characters with minimal shading and that's really cool!

thank you! i actually don’t do any shading or contouring because i don’t really know how??? i probably should because it would definitely help, but yeah, i was fortunate enough to get a fairly androgynous face!

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