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Pixels I did in the stream for nightingales and bourbonss (I accidentally made yours not transparent when I gave it to you, here’s the transparent one!)

Anonymous asked: what did you change in your diet and exercise to lose weight? i'm not overweight but i feel really insecure about my body. do you have any tips?

basically i just cut out most of the junk food from my diet and stopped sitting around so much. i definitely recommend ditching pop and replacing it with water or fruit juice. also instead of having chips or cookies, have fresh fruit or a granola bar as a snack. after a while you’ll stop craving unhealthy food as much and you’ll feel better.

Anonymous asked: i am a girl but i really like to wear guy clothes and act guyish but then other days i really like being a girl but i explained to a friend about that and they told me to see a therapist? that kinda made me sad because it didn't feel bad to do those things but then after hearing that i just.. felt ashamed maybe?

why would you be ashamed? there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing. if you are questioning your gender that’s okay, but you can be a girl and still do stuff like that too. don’t let other people dictate how you should act.

Anonymous asked: i stg you are the greatest cutest person i have ever come across in my life im p sure youre made of stars like jfc pal oh my god

tha t’s super cute o mg thank you but i am nowhere near that great

nezumi/shion + touch

Anonymous asked: you kind of look like an oreo with your black cookie wafer hair and pasty white creme filling skin.

this is my aesthetic

Anonymous asked: Is it transphobic to wear your older brother's clothes even if you identify as a girl? I just really love some of his big sweaters! Thank you for helping me

no??? bruh wear whatever you feel like. i wear feminine clothes all the time even though i’m a dude. they’re just unnecessarily gendered pieces of cloth sewn together.

hey so idk i was really bored and ur lucky charms post came across my dash so i made u in face q yeah

omg haha i literally just made myself with faceq the other day and i used a star shirt and the naruto headband too you know me so well

hi i'm oliver but you can call me trip

i'm a boy and i'm like 3 years old

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