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Anonymous asked: You're such a beautiful and kind human being. You always do your best to answer everyone's questions and you put your whole heart into it. You've inspired so many people, including myself, and you're just all around great. So thanks.

thank you so much… that means a lot to me. i wish i could answer more of the questions i get because there’s a lot of people looking for answers and either i don’t have them or i just don’t have the time to get to everyone, but i try my best to help out when i can and it’s nice to hear that it’s appreciated!

littleredhairedrobin replied to your post: anonymous said:just read through …

Sounds like demiboy!

like i said, i prefer just identifying as male! i’ve had lots of people suggest identities i could use but only i know what fits me best. thank you, though!

Anonymous asked: would you have a problem about signal boosting about a missing person ?

of course not! is there a post or something about them? send me a link and i’ll definitely help out!

Anonymous asked: just read through your about page and your faq, and I was wondering if you simply identify with being a binary male that just likes to dress feminine sometimes, or more genderqueer/fluid male? I've been going back and forth with this myself and was hoping to see how you felt about this in regards to yourself. Sorry if this isn't worded well, english isn't my first language <3

no way, your english is great! i used to think i might be genderfluid mostly because i do still like wearing feminine things sometimes and i was made to think that i couldn’t be entirely male if i liked to dress that way. but now i’ve decided that how i want to dress doesn’t really affect my gender and that i’m really only comfortable being male and using male pronouns. there are times when i can feel like gender isn’t a huge deal to me?? but i don’t believe that makes me genderfluid, i think it’s just that gender just doesn’t have quite as strong of a meaning to me as it might to someone else. it’s hard to explain. but in the end, i’m still male.


someone sent me this rad shirt but didn’t include a name?? thank you so much wtf i love you

styled my aoba wig! it’s not super great quality but i managed to make it look alright i think.

Anonymous asked: Hey oliver :3 what anime(s) should I watch? Which do you recommend to someone just getting into anime?

it definitely depends on what kind of stuff you’re into! there’s many different genres of anime just like there are for movies. if you like cute funny shows, i’d recommend something like ouran high school host club. if you like something cute but also dark, madoka magica would be a good one to start with! if you want something really dark and thrilling, maybe death note? romantic, princess jellyfish. action, gurren lagann… also a really good way to get into anime is to watch ghibli movies!

Anonymous asked: Alright I looked through your FAQ so I dont think this is on there?? But I remember it was before so I'm a little confused!! Where do you get your cosplay contacts from? And do you remember the specific ones you used for Kirigiri? Did you get them prescription or not? Thank you so much!

the kirigiri ones are the same i used for rose! though sometimes i’ll change the tint of the contacts in photoshop for certain cosplays to make it more accurate to the character (i edit my kirigiri ones to be a bit more pink and my dirk ones to be more orange, etc.). there is a section in my faq for this, but i need to update it since i get a lot of questions about my contacts!

hi i'm oliver but you can call me trip

i'm a boy and i'm like 3 years old

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