wtf who is trip my name is obviously tyler i can’t believe you forgot my name mom

Anonymous asked: If we were to submit a selfie to you, would you be willing to give us advice on who to cosplay maybe?

well, i don’t think cosplay is really about who you look most like. if you look at a lot of my cosplays, i transform myself to fit a character instead of picking one that already looks quite a lot like me. so instead of choosing someone you resemble, pick your favourite character, or a character you relate to. i look nothing like rei ayanami or mako madoka kaname, but i cosplayed them because it let me become someone else so different from myself, and that made it a challenge. so when you choose someone to cosplay, do it because you want to.

I don’t know if you’re into vampires at all, but I am and I couldn’t resist when I saw this picture…

ahh thanks this is awesome! in fact maybe i’ll try some vampire makeup sometime!!

Anonymous asked: Are we allowed to submit stuff to you?

yeah go for it!

riiakkuma asked: u remind me of haruka.............. bc ur gay af and want 2 fuck water

this is the truth

Anonymous asked: I think Haruka Nanase is a good character to be thought of because you two share some similarities (besides physically); you're very passionate about your interests and in your friends, you look for improvement in yourself (though I mean cosplay and not swimming) though it's not your main focus because you understand that enjoying your hobby is what's the most important. Basically you and Haruka are just really cool people :))

that’s…. so cute… thank you! haru is so great and you’re really making me want to cosplay him now

Anonymous asked: i saw a tag on your recent post and im wondering, are you falling out of the homestuck fandom?

no, i still love homestuck, and although the fandom interpretation of a lot of characters puts me off a little, i’m still planning more cosplays and am looking forward to the update! that tag is mostly a joke because i used to get a lot of people tagging my ooc selfies with #is that john egbert or #is that jake english.

Anonymous asked: don't even think about being 'skinny' or 'pretty' enough, b/c you're insanely gorgeous just as you are ;u; you would be a drop-dead stunning model!!

thank you!! but it’s not that i’m not comfortable with myself so much that it is that modelling agencies usually go for those kinds of things. i wish it wasn’t so much like that though.

Anonymous asked: How do you keep your skin so clear?

hoNEStLY i’m not even sure anymore… i used to take really good care of it and washed/toned/moisturized at least once a day but i’ve been really lazy and even fall asleep with makeup on sometimes haha… it’s a miracle my skin stays as clear as it does

hi i'm oliver but you can call me trip

i'm a boy and i'm like 3 years old

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