Anonymous asked: you can literally cosplay everyone you're so pretty and nice it makes me so happy to follow you ewe

well, i don’t know about everyone… i’m actually really nervous about eventually cosplaying dirk. i want to cosplay every homestuck kid, but i really don’t think i’ll suit dirk! but thank you, i’m glad you have faith in me haha.


Highschool in a nutshell.

Anonymous asked: How many languages you speak?

currently 2: english and french. my french is a tad rusty though haha. i tried learning german a while back because i have a lot of german-speaking relatives and i hope to pick that up again soon. oh, and i’ve promised myself that one day i’m going to learn sindarin (tolkien elvish).

Anonymous asked: your cosplaying abilities are an inspiration damn

thank u…….. 


Really I was just trying to get a picture of Dave. Really. Somehow I got this rare photo of the Strider taking a selfie with John Egbert. Fascinating…
This was in the same market where I spotted the ever elusive Earthbound cartridge for the SNES.

hey guys!!! you should all check out my friends mango and murphy's awesome store! they’re very talented knitters and there’s some really cute stuff to buy. you can also check out their knitting tumblr mangoknits!


god DAMN IT why did your roommate have to be so HORRIBLY ATTRACTIVE

Anonymous asked: in the second dave pic ur arm looks a bit like a penis o g


Anonymous asked: Okay. You still are adorable tho :33 guess I'll have to look somewhere for a wig then. Thanks anyways.

maybe ask sierra where they got theirs? it’s a really nice wig and it would only need a little bit of trimming!

Anonymous asked: You adorable thing you. Where did you get your Dave wig?

haha ahaa ah… okay you really don’t want my dave wig… i ordered it thinking it was going to be nice and short but when i took it out of the bag it looked like an armin wig. i shortened once when i first cosplayed dave and then had to shorten it even more this time because it was still way too long.

hi i'm oliver but you can call me trip
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