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new hair ref!! just got it cut and i’ll be dying it in a few days and since everyone asks for hair refs i thought i’d make one before i dye it. this wasn’t really what i was going for and i want it a little longer but it still looks pretty good. (the shirt is from here)

Anonymous asked: Have you thought about cosplaying khaleesi (I hope I spelt that right) from game of thrones?

yes, i love daenerys!!! she’s another cosplay plan for this year! i’ve been wanting to cosplay her for ages and i finally found a group to do it with

Sasuke: Making my way downtown, walking fast
Orochimaru: Sasuke-kun
Sasuke: Walking faster
Anonymous asked: Yo when's the youtube videos or whatever coming out?

hopefully soon! i’m trying to figure out how to use my current camera to film but i’m gonna need a tripod as well. but on top of that i’ve been very busy with my seasonal job and sponsor stuff etc. while also still trying to keep posting cosplay and stuff. so the soonest you can expect videos and makeup tutorials will probably be after halloween!


manager: sir your resume just says “good looking and talented”

me: am I lying though?

manager: …youre right, Im sorry youre hired


baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive

Anonymous asked: do you watch hunterxhunter because you should cosplay killua B)))

he’s in my cosplay plans for this year already! i’m going to be making a post soon with some of my confirmed plans so you guys can see


CriedWolves a.k.a Oliver has been a great Inspiration to me even if he doesn’t know it.
a couple months back I was having a hard time coming to terms that I was Genderqueer, and then I found Oliver’s Tumblr Criedwolves. Seeing his brilliance in anything he did was amazing. Female or Male, it didn’t matter, this person was pretty/handsome in anything they wore.
Reading more about them and seeing that I could become more Masculine no matter the odds was just want I needed to come to terms with my gender Identity.

I had to draw him. Thank you Oliver.

oh my god, thank you!!! this is lovely and it’s really just amazing to hear that i helped you. honestly, your gender and expression should be up to you and not anyone else, and i’m glad that you were able to realize that and identify how you feel best. thank you so much, this is absolutely wonderful!

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